Up your natural lash game with wispy BLINK cruelty-free lashes!

A vibrant set of lashes with wispy hairs extending in the shape of a C to add subtle length and volume to the lashes and is suitable for daily wear. It gives a glamorous finish for sophisticatedly defined eyes. To achieve a casual but fashionable look, these medium-length/volume lashes are the perfect choice.

  • Washable
  • Can be used 20-25 times
  • Always start with clean lashes, no mascara on it
  • Start by curling your natural lashes.
  • Apply a thin coat of glue to the edge of the strip and wait for the glue to dry slightly.
  • Adhere the strip to your lash line and press it into place.
  • For a neater look, apply black eyeliner. 

Horse Hair Lash,All of our lashes are handmade, vegan & cruelty-free!


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