Up your natural lash game with wispy SUSPICIOUS cruelty-free lashes!

Our suspicious eyelashes are perfect for professional applications like Wedding Events, Photoshoot, Dating nights, Graduation, Birthday party. The eyelashes style is not too thick and volume, it is soft with good quality.

  • Washable
  • Can be used 20-25 times
  • Always start with clean lashes, no mascara on it
  • Start by curling your natural lashes.
  • Apply a thin coat of glue to the edge of the strip and wait for the glue to dry slightly.
  • Adhere the strip to your lash line and press it into place.
  • For a neater look, apply black eyeliner. 

Premium mink Hair lash,All of our lashes are handmade, vegan & cruelty-free!

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